How it works

Customer Choice Awards

Customer voting opens usually open in February and is open to Mid March. Customers can vote online or instore for their favourite baker. Votes will then be counted and analysed and from this, we will find our Customer Choice winners across our four categories – Bakery Café. Craft Baker, Retail Craft Baker and Wholesale Baker.

Category Definitions/Criteria

Bakery Café

  1. For businesses with at least one combined bakery/café site
  2. Businesses with more than one café site are eligible provided they comply with criterion 1 (above) and source goods for all other sites from the combined bakery/café site.

Craft Baker

  1. Bakery businesses with 3 shops or less.
  2. Bakery may be on or off site of the retail outlets. .

Retail Craft Baker

  1. Bakery businesses with 4 or more shops.
  2. Bakery may be on or off site of retail outlets.

Wholesale Baker

  1. Bakery businesses with no retail outlets of their own.

Product Awards

Every registered entrant can nominate up to 10 of their products across the categories (limited to two per category) to submit for product judging. Competition dates are to be announced but entrants usually have until the mid March to do so. Visit the category pages for more information on these. At the judging, products will be in the running for a Bronze, Silver or Gold Best in Region/Best in Scotland.

Business Awards

Exclusive to Scottish Bakers members the business awards ultimately decide who will win Scottish Baker of the Year. There are four categories: - Bakery Café of the Year, Craft Baker of the Year, Retail Craft Baker of the Year and Wholesale Baker of the Year. Scottish Bakers members who win at least a bronze at regional level will be eligible to enter the business awards. This is done via a paper submission covering areas such as development, innovation, growth, quality, customer engagement and communications. Those shortlisted will be invited to take part in a telephone interview with our judging panel. If you are not currently a Scottish Bakers member and would like to join to have the option to enter the business awards visit for more information.

Who Are We?

Scottish Baker of the Year began in 2012 by the trade association Scottish Bakers. It rewards top quality baked goods made in Scotland by hard working bakers every single day.

Any Scottish bakers can put forward up to 10 of their star products to be judged and their customers can vote for them in the Customer Choice Awards.