Free-from (Bread)

Free-from (Bread)

What the Judges are looking for?

This type of product has grown dramatically and features in every supermarket.

Development of Free From products has resulted in a range of Gluten-free bakery products that are similar to normal bakery products which have the benefit of using wheat to give structure.

As the name implies, this is Free From wheat.

The bread will be judged as if normal bread, bearing in mind the restrictions on the use of wheat to give the normal texture.

The product will be judged on the merits of the baked product.

No restrictions apply on size, shape, weight or type of bread.

Who Are We?

Scottish Baker of the Year began in 2012 by the trade association Scottish Bakers. It rewards top quality baked goods made in Scotland by hard working bakers every single day.

Any Scottish bakers can put forward up to 10 of their star products to be judged and their customers can vote for them in the Customer Choice Awards.