Celebration Cake

Celebration Cake

What the Judges are looking for?

This class has normally only National awards – class winner with three medal winners Gold, Silver Bronze.

The Celebration Cake may be finished in any form of coating – buttercream, sugarpaste, fondant, chocolate, marzipan, royal icing.

It is assumed that the cake for evaluation will be single tier, however, if the cake has more than one tier a photograph can be submitted showing the assembled cake. The Celebration Cake will however, not be assessed by photograph.

The cake can be plain, flavoured, chocolate or fruited. – no restrictions apply.

Where possible, and in particular cakes for children, only edible decorations should be used.

The aim will be to judge the cake on presentation, quality of finish, craft properties, quality of cake, quality of filling and also very importantly, the good overall eating properties.

Damage to the cake during delivery may be taken into consideration by the judges.

Please note: If you are not a member of Scottish Bakers and only want to enter this category there is a fee of £35 +VAT. You can choose to join the association and enter for free.

Who Are We?

Scottish Baker of the Year began in 2012 by the trade association Scottish Bakers. It rewards top quality baked goods made in Scotland by hard working bakers every single day.

Any Scottish bakers can put forward up to 10 of their star products to be judged and their customers can vote for them in the Customer Choice Awards.