What the Judges will be looking for?

The variety of baked products in this class is likely to be very diverse, ranging from traditional Scottish products to more elaborate pies and pasties.

The objective for the judge is to identify perfectly prepared and baked savoury products.

Any type or variation of savoury product is acceptable, the only qualification being that it is pastry based.  The savoury can have a pastry, vegetable or lattice lid and may be in a foil or container but not a metal tin. Wraps and filled breads are excluded.

The savoury will be evaluated ’HOT’ and cleanly cut to give a fair view of the pastry. 

The savoury product must:

  • look good
  • be fresh
  • have a good balanced flavour and no unpleasant or off flavour
  • be free of any extraneous material that is not considered acceptable as a food ingredient.
  • have well baked pastry and filling

Who Are We?

Scottish Baker of the Year began in 2012 by the trade association Scottish Bakers. It rewards top quality baked goods made in Scotland by hard working bakers every single day.

Any Scottish bakers can put forward up to 10 of their star products to be judged and their customers can vote for them in the Customer Choice Awards.