What the Judges are looking for?

It is possible that the variety will be very diverse, ranging from oatmeal products to fully coated biscuits.

Judges will firstly consider if the item for judging is indeed a biscuit in the true sense of the word. A small cake being classified and sold by the baker as a biscuit may not necessarily always meet the required criteria.

Empire biscuits or sandwiched Viennese biscuits, despite the confusing name, are often considered a small cake, but as they are mostly biscuit, are included in this category. Fully chocolate coated biscuits are also included.

Evaluation will be on the merit of the baked product, with a clear realisation that some chocolate coated biscuits or soft cookies are closer to being a small cake. The judges will view all entries with an open mind.

The biscuit will be evaluated on the merit of the product within its own classification.

Judges will be looking for perfection in biscuit making:

  • where applicable, a good baked colour
  • fully baked, crisp with no unbaked core and generally, depending on the biscuit, not soft
  • excellent flavour
  • perfect shape and where applicable, quality of finish

Who Are We?

Scottish Baker of the Year began in 2012 by the trade association Scottish Bakers. It rewards top quality baked goods made in Scotland by hard working bakers every single day.

Any Scottish bakers can put forward up to 10 of their star products to be judged and their customers can vote for them in the Customer Choice Awards.